tile, tile make you smile

ENCAUSTIC TILES...funny word, great design element.

Encaustic tiles are the bomb in design these days. Because they are classic in style, they will work in any style of home from TRADITIONAL to INDUSTRIAL. They are truly stunning and I don't think I've seen one that I haven't liked thus far. The tricky part will be to select one as there are so many options. We are here for you on that note, we looove tile shopping!

Here's a little design scoop on these gorgeous puppies: Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles in which the pattern or figure on the surface is not a product of the glaze but of different colors of clay. They are usually of two colors but a tile may be composed of as many as six. The pattern appears inlaid into the body of the tile, so that the design remains as the tile is worn down. Encaustic tiles may be glazed or unglazed and the inlay may be as shallow as an eighth of an inch, as is often the case with "printed" encaustic tile from the later medieval period, or as deep as a quarter inch.

to collect or not to collect

Most definitely yes. 

Whether your collectibles are mid-century modern, vintage or maybe treasures that you've picked up while traveling the world, it's all about the presentation.

Today, I'm going to share with you a very high level, top-secret presentation rule that only designers know. Just kidding. It's actually very easy once you know this one simple design tip...GROUP LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER. Viola.


no color is the color

This room is sheer eye candy for those of you who love all NEUTRAL TONES, COLORS & TEXTURES galore. The architectural details are simply stunning. Peek through the orchids and check out the asymmetrical mantle, I can barely contain myself! Love everything about this room.

What's your favorite detail?


why wouldn't you?!

WALLPAPER. It's back and in a big way. Here are a few black & white options to get this party started.

If you are contemplating, just say yes! Give us a shout if we can help you select the perfect design for the perfect room...we'd love that. Stay tuned for future wallpaper posts because we just can't get enough of all of this wall excitement.

speak to me

And these gallery walls certainly do. They are chatting up an intriguing storm. 

GALLERY WALLS can truly transform a space. They evoke emotion and add interest to any room. And what a great way to show off your collection. Plus, you can keep adding to them. We all know it's really about the hunt. Here are some of my favorites in a variety of settings...

more rugs please

Okay, so I might be a little obsessed with VINTAGE RUGS but who can blame me? They are gorgeous and they don't lie. (Oh wait, they do.) If anyone else is in the same boat, one trick is to layer them. Mix in a sisal and a hide or two. Splendid! 

a touch of nature, inside

There is something about nature that rejuvenates the soul. So let's BRING THE OUTSIDE...IN.

A gathering of birch branches, stacked antler sheds in a fireplace, a vase filled with peacock feathers or even a rock on top of a stack of books...it's endless.  Adventure out and see what you can find.