Interior Design is our Passion

we are ready to help you create a space worthy of showing off.




C'mon, let's move your couch and hang a picture or two (or twenty), it'll be fun! Refreshing your beloved treasures is our favorite thing to do. As a fringe benefit, we'll figure out just what to do with your boyfriend's chair and grandmother's vase along the way.



From a partial remodel to a custom-built home, we are here for you. We'll start by defining YOUR design style. The rest of the pieces will fall into place as we help you select finishes, color, lighting, furniture, art and even find the perfect kitchen sink.



To survive in retail today, you need to create an intriguing EXPERIENCE...a sales-driving experience at that. Highlighted focal points, impactful displays and easy-to-understand merchandising will heighten the purchasing factor while fresh presentations and top-notch customer service will keep 'em coming back again and again.